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Introducing SwiftyLaunch 1.1

Our first content release is here! Learn more about In-App Notifications, Faster Project Generation, senstiveView Modifier and improved Error Handling in AuthKit.

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All the new features of SwiftyLaunch 1.1


Just one after the launch of SwiftyLaunch, we are excited to announce our first major update, SwiftyLaunch 1.1. We think this update brings some great improvements to your workflow, further reducing the time it takes to for you to ship your app.

New Feature: In-App Notifications

Introducing In-App Notifications

A standout feature of this update is In-App Notifications. These allow you to communicate essential messages to your users and provide feedback on their actions. We've provided a selection of predefined styles, which you're free to customize to fit your needs. In-App Notifications are offered in two sizes:

  • Regular: Designed for more detailed messages, with a classic notification look.
  • Compact: Best suited for brief alerts, like success or error messages.

In-App Notifications have been fully integrated into SwiftyLaunch, complementing the enhanced Error Handling capabilities AuthKit also introduced in this update.

For implementation details, please refer to the Documentation

New Feature: .senstiveView() Modifier

Introducing sensitiveView modifier

Enhancing user privacy, we introduce the .sensitiveView() modifier. This new feature blurs sensitive information in views when they appear in the App Switcher, preventing unintended exposure.

Just apply the .sensitiveView() modifier to a view and it will be blurred out in the App Switcher.

More details are available in the Documentation

QOL: Faster Project Generation (BETA)

Faster Project Generation

We're rolling out an experimental feature that accelerates the project generation process by up to 60%, while also reducing errors. This feature is currently in beta, and we welcome any feedback on its performance to


A big thank you to everyone who has started using SwiftyLaunch and provided valuable feedback. It's been an incredible first week. We're confident you'll appreciate the new features and improvements in this update. For any feedback or questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch via Twitter or email.


— Vladislav