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What's new in SwiftyLaunch 1.3

Our biggest release yet. Introducing AIKit & AdsKit.

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All the new features of SwiftyLaunch 1.3


SwiftyLaunch 1.3 is our biggest update to date and brings two of the most requested frameworks to SwiftyLaunch: AIKit and AdsKit (coming later this month), as well as hundreds of lines of bug fixes and other improvements.

New Framework: AIKit

Introducing AIKit

AIKit includes a set of local and cloud-based tools for developers that either want to build full blown AI-based Applications (like AI-Wrappers...) or simply want to add some AI-magic to their existing applications. With Update 1.3 we include 3 AI-focused mini apps:

AIKit Mini-App: Bunny L1

Bunny L1 Screenshot

Inspired by a popular orange AI-toy, Bunny L1 lets users ask questions about what they see in front of them or describe a picture from their library. The Architecture of Bunny L1 is a blend of local models (voice-transcription) as well as OpenAI's Vision and Text-To-Speech models. This example also includes a full blown iOS Camera and Voice Recording implementation that you could re-use in other places of your app...

AIKit Mini-App: Translate

Translate Screenshot

Hold the button. Speak. The App will translate your spoken words into a language of your choice and will even speak it out loud for you. Powered by a local whisper voice transcription model, as well as OpenAI's Chat Completion and Text-To-Speech APIs.

AIKit Mini-App: Chatty

Chatty Screenshot

Powered by OpenAI's Completion framework, we include a simple ChatGPT-esque mini-app that you could re-use in your app for many things such as as a support chat or a simple chatbot impersonating a celebrity. The sky is the limit.

AdsKit (Coming Soon)

Introducing AdsKit

AdsKit allows you to monetize your app seamlessly with a few lines of code. Simply insert the AdBanner in your View Hierarchy and you're good to go. Enjoy Ads that don't feel out of place. AdsKit allows you to display ads with great flexibility: Ads can be shown at all times, or when a user has performed certain actions. SwiftyLaunch 1.3 comes included with two Ad-Types out of the box: Banner Ads and Full Screen Ads.

Integrated with AnalyticsKit with the ability to see the Ad's success rate. Integrated with InAppPurchaseKit with the ability to disable Ads for paying customers. Powered by Google AdMob.

AdsKit Integration

New Feature: Request Capability Access

Access Request Sheets

Easily ask user's permission to access their Camera or Calendar. Execute code depending on whether you got access or the user denied the request.

Capability Request can be called from anywhere in your app via the askUserFor(.camera) function. That's it.

Access Request Example

Supported Capabilities in SwiftyLaunch 1.3: Camera, Photo Library, Location, Microphone, Calender, Contacts and Reminders.

New Feature: Crash Detection

We now include an out of the box solution to track your crashes. Powered by Crashlytics, we forward all your crashes to your PostHog Analytics Dashboard. That's it. Not much else to say about this feature...

New Feature: Request App Rating

Request App Rating

In addition to asking a user for access to a certain capability, you can also ask the user to review your app. Just like when requesting App Capabilities, you can only do it once. We first display our In-App Sheet to ask the user for a review, and only if they agree, do we then show the iOS App Review Alert

You can even bind the request to execute only if the user has performed a certain action X times in your app. This way, you won't annoy your users with the review request too early.

Bug Fixes, Improvements and more...

In addition to AdsKit and AIKit coming to 1.3, we have expanded our AnalyticsKit integration by around 3x. This means that you can now track even more events and errors out of the box without any additional setup. We have also refactored our generator codebase to ensure a better foundation for future releases, which may include other platforms...🤐


— Vladislav

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